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  • South Seas Film School

    Feb 09 - Dec 10, 2021

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In this one-year intensive course, you’ll deep-dive into the world of film and television production and come out ready to go straight into the industry.

Delivered out of our South Seas Film School Campus, this programme has a ferocious reputation. We’ve been supplying work-ready graduates to the industry for 27 years, and everyone in the industry knows our name.

For good reason. The course is intense and is packed full of deep and immersive learning-through-action.

You’ll get a taster for all of the industry roles before picking your specialisation in:

  • Drama directing & scriptwriting
  • Documentary directing & research
  • Camera, audio and lighting
  • Production design
  • Production management
  • Post-production

Over the course of the year, you will participate in over 30 productions to give you the right communication and collaboration know-how when working with crews on set. You’ll be tutored carefully by industry professionals so you graduate with the competence and confidence to hit the ground running on any set.

Our course content is reviewed every year to remain cutting-edge and relevant. We don’t just want you to know what’s waiting for you on graduation, we want you to have the practical experience you'll need to navigate the realities of the film industry. Every year, we bring in a host of working industry professionals to interact with you. One of the highlights of the year is Dragon's Den, where students pitch film and TV ideas to a panel of hard-core professionals.

Successfully complete this course and you’ll receive the New Zealand Diploma in Screen Production (Level 5).

The selection process reflects the competitive nature of the film and television industry and is based on creative, technical and personal skill assessments in Term One.


What you'll learn


You will complete a series of practical exercises, having go at Editing, Camera, Lighting, Audio, Directing, Production Management and Production Design. This will help you to choose your specialist skills options.

Skills Development

Practical workshops and short Doco and Drama Productions will prepare you to work in different production environments.

Intensive Workshops

A series of more intensive workshops and longer form Docos and Dramas, including 2 weeks of shooting Drama scenes on location with an industry crew and working on sports coverage with Sky TV's Outside Broadcast van.

Building Showreels

You will complete pre-production planning, production recording and post production of a short documentary or a drama film.

What you should know


Avid Media Composer, Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop


Domestic Students

$10,768.14 + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*

*Course Related Cost  - Covers software licensing for student use on campus for the period of 1 year. This amount can be covered by studylink's courses related cost loan.

(Eligible for 'Fees-Free' study)

International Students

$20,500 + $2,000 course fee

Entry Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Complete the course application form and written requirements as well as undergo a formal interview.
  • Have basic computer skills, although a good skill-base would be an advantage.
  • International students must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Domestic students must be at least 17 years of age.
  • Students with English as a second language require English language skills equivalent to IELTS level 6.

Once you have successfully completed this course you are ready to enter the industry, or you can further your skills with either the Level 6 Diploma in Screen Production, or the Diploma in 3D Production.

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South Seas Film School Campus

A legend in its lifetime, our South Seas Film School Campus functions like a real-life working Hollywood-style studio.

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From pre-production (creating concepts for film and television projects) through to production and post-production (polishing and editing what you’ve captured...

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If acting is your passion, this two year diploma offers you rigorous actor training - helping you carve a sustainable lifelong acting career.

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You’ve got a vast imagination. You love film and TV. If you just had the tools and knowledge, who knows what incredible work you could do?

In this one-year intensive you’ll get to specialise in a field of your choice. Hopefully. A place on the specialist skill of your first choice is not guaranteed.

The selection process reflects the competitive nature of the Film & Television industry and is based on creative, technical and personal skill assessments in Term one. Check out the majors below:

Production Management

You love being in the middle of the action, with everyone depending on you. You revel in relationships, knowing what people do best and how to get it out of them. You see the big picture. You see the global marketplace, the audience, the future. There are various career paths in the production of Film & Television, from assistant to executive. Work your way up. Rethink the rules. Redefine the industry.

Directing & Screenwriting

You are full of ideas. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You can imagine things that don’t yet exist – they are as real as the chair you’re sitting on. A natural self-starter, your inborn motivation doesn’t need annual bonuses or company retreats. You’re willing the take the road less travelled to follow your dreams. Directing and scriptwriting is never a risk-free, calculated career choice – it’s a choice you just have to make. But never fear, the skills you gain will open up many opportunities. There is an on-going need for storytellers across all mediums.

Documentary Directing

You see stories all around you. You’re attuned to what goes on in your neighbourhood – and the world. You see cinematic potential in things others ignore. You make visible what would otherwise go unnoticed. You make sense of what would otherwise be chaotic. You are a change maker. Documentary Directing is a gateway to a world of possibilities. You can do a lot on a low budget, so many choose to carve out their own career.

Camera, Lighting & Audio

Your interest in technology is only rivalled by your creativity in using it. You are fearless. You’re a team player who knows what it means to pull your weight. You enjoy action and are able to learn on your feet. Camera, lighting and audio are rapidly changing areas of Film and TV production. They are also the most action-packed and game-changing. Forget spacing out in the office. Forget routine. Never be bored again.

Production Design

You are an artist, who enjoys teamwork with other like-minded people. You love transforming actors and sets into something magical. You love the buzz of production around you, with its triumphs and catastrophes. Where lesser individuals meltdown, your creative brain kicks into high gear to solve the problem at hand. At South Seas, you get comfortable with all areas of production design – including makeup, props, costumes and set dressing. There is plenty of work to be done. This department in just one major film can employ hundreds of people.

Post Production

One part nerd, one part artist – you think in sounds and images. You may not know what the weather is like outside, but you know how to craft a story out of anything. You are the lifeline of the director, the unsung hero of Film & Television. Post-production offers access to a wide variety of roles: from storytelling to grading, possibilities are endless – and you can be in the frontline.

Qualifications are issued by Yoobee Colleges. Yoobee Colleges is a Category 1 Provider, the highest rating a school can be awarded by the Government.

Term dates are subject to change, pending enrolment numbers, availability and any unforeseen funding fluctuations. Yoobee Colleges reserves the right to modify schedules to make sure the College runs well and student are offered the best learning experience.

Interested in kicking off your career?

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