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    Jul 24, 2023 - Jun 26, 2026

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    Jul 24, 2023 - Jun 26, 2026

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    Jul 24, 2023 - Jun 26, 2026

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Our brand new Bachelor’s Degree lives in the future, a place where tech meets business, meets marketing, meets tomorrow.

The world is changing at an exponential pace right now.  What worked a few years ago, doesn’t anymore.  We need to change the script, flip the conversation, use un-business business thinking to read the shifts and get ahead.

So, while others are teaching obsolete business and marketing concepts and theory, our new degree lives in the future.

A place where the lines between business, tech, design and marketing don’t exist. A place where you get to break the rules and set new ones.

A place where you can get 8-10 weeks work experience while you study with brands like:

This work experience is not a requirement of the Degree but we do encourage students to apply at various points throughout the year to gain invaluable experience for your CV. Click here to find out more.



Year 1
Choose to study online or at one of our campuses. Year 1 will teach you to think like a designer, design like a marketer, and break the rules of business, ideating, designing, launching and tracking campaigns.

Year 2
Focuses on developing your skills in key areas of Branding, Project and Stakeholder Management, SEO & CRMs, Inbound Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications and Product Launches.

Year 3
Develop your critical thinking and get prepared to become a change maker in the industry. You’ll create a business strategy and pitch your work so you’re experienced in stakeholder, manager and investor approvals.


What you'll learn

For your first year you can choose to study on campus or online.

Fundamentals of Design
Understanding the end-to-end design process gives you a real edge over other marketers. You’ll learn what makes a design element successful by getting a handle on the principles of design, and practice this first hand creating design assets using InDesign and Photoshop. You’ll also find out what makes certain designs appeal to certain people by learning more about target audiences.

Web and Graphic Design
A functional, responsive website is a beautiful thing. Find out how to make one for tablet and smartphone using WordPress, HTML and CSS. You’ll also learn how to use content management systems, plugins and widgets, and website template builders like Wix and Square Space to create a website.

Storytelling and Content Creation
You’ll learn to develop the bones of a great piece of content including the set-up of the story. You'll build your copywriting skills and use your new digital marketing skills to develop and repurpose content across a range of social media, digital and print mediums.

Consumer Behaviour
You’ll look at customer insights, social and cultural influences on buying behaviour, the psychology of pricing and the role of media in consumer perceptions.

Marketing Foundations and Digital Marketing
You’ll learn the role of marketing in a successful business, how to clearly define a target market and identify their media consumption trends. You’ll learn about developing a unique selling proposition and how to create a plan to effectively communicate your brand and message. You’ll also get the practical skills to use online platforms and tools to implement and execute an effective digital marketing plan, including identifying social media platforms and content that reaches your target audience. You’ll learn how to design and implement effective email campaigns. Explore advertising platforms and plan targeted campaigns, learning when and how to use SEO, SEM, Email marketing, social custom audiences and retargeting, and how to track and report on results.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
You’ll delve into the mind-set of an entrepreneur. Learn about design thinking, lean start up principles, the ins and outs of working for yourself rather than someone else, how to build resilience, and how to face business challenges.

Developing a successful campaign
You’ll bring together everything you’ve learned to develop a campaign. You’ll find a market need through research or your own ideas, write a marketing plan, develop and repurpose content, develop creative assets, and present the plan to your fellow students

In this year, you’ll focus on developing your skills in key areas of Branding, Project and Stakeholder Management, SEO & CRMs, Inbound Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications and Product Launches, as well as choosing two electives from Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Advertising and Communication.

Semester one

Deep dive into what makes certain brands thrive while others die.  Get under the hood of how a brand is developed from start to finish, and the design process is undertaken. Learn how branding and brand identity influence an audience. The apply all of this practically by developing your own branded visual assets.

Discover SEO techniques and learn to analyse data which will form the basis of developing and implementing new engagement strategies. Understand how CRM’s work to manage, track, analyse and facilitate customer interactions and relationships and generate growth in business or marketing contexts.

Inbound Marketing
Lead generation is the backbone of many innovation-led businesses.  Learn about the key concepts, principles and unique challenges of inbound marketing. Understand quality measures required to build customer loyalty and measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing strategies. Understand how content drives customer leads and improves conversion.

Semester two

Project & Stakeholder Management
Through a group project, developing an innovative product or service within a defined timeframe, you’ll develop your skills in how to engage professionally with key stakeholders, how to collaborate with colleagues and how to show leadership in a group situation. 

Integrated Marketing Communications
You’ll learn about the core marketing tools of advertising, promotion and social platforms that are critical to reaching customers, and how the integration of marketing channels reaches customers effectively. Learn what media channels are suitable for a variety of different communications scenarios. Learn how to track the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications.

Product Launches 
Using the latest software programmes, learn how the ideation process works in the development of design to launch a product. This includes developing initial design concepts and then rolling them out across a range of deliverables and channels. Create a range of visual assets taking into account cultural diversity, including Te Ao Māori. Learn about the impact of a product/service in light of its sustainability and societal contribution.

In each semester you will choose an elective topic. In semester one you can choose from
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Platform Analytics
  • Digital Advertising
In semester two you can choose from
  • Social Marketing Platform Essentials
  • Social Marketing Science
  • Creative Strategy Essentials

This final year is all about developing your critical thinking, self-development and getting prepared to become a change maker in the industry. You’ll be involved in a lot of project-based work, and because business and marketing come with restrictions to creative thinking and decision making, the various problem-based studio projects replicate that in a creative setting.

You’ll produce a business strategy and design work at an industry standard. You’ll spend a lot of time pitching and presenting your work so you’re experienced in stakeholder, manager and investor approvals for your ideas.

Semester one

Growth Hacking
We’ll teach you the growth-hacker mindset, including how to think about growth hacking instead of just “digital marketing”. We’ll teach you growth-hacking skills, strategies, processes, and best practices and get your started on your ride as a t shaped growth marketer by teaching you all the required digital metrics, including lean analytics, AAARRR, OMTM, digital conversion funnels, and LTV and CAC calculations.

Purpose led leadership
Leadership is hard! So during this year you’ll understand the principles of great leadership and develop skills to lead and manage individuals and teams. A part of this is about demonstrating integrity, ethical conduct, accountability and awareness of professionalism.

Collab Studio
You’ll work in an industry-simulated environment “safe space” in which you’ll evaluate, create, design, develop and implement strategic plans in topics of your choice, to address real clients’ marketing, advertising and communication objectives.

Semester two

Innovation models
Understand how innovative thinking is fostered in a business by analysing the business model of an existing venture using innovation theory and principles to determine its viability.

You’ll learn to create hypotheses and experiments to test the viability of a business model and leaned to adapt and iterate the model based on the results of your experiments. Then you’ll plan major changes to the model to pivot your approach.

Industry Practice Studio
Get ready to be projected into the industry!  This piece of group work will develop your project management, time management, prioritisation, and interpersonal skills by working in a team across multiple elective topics, researching and evaluating marketing and advertising projects to plan and implement your own campaign.

This project will give you experience in collaboratively developing a creative piece of work; learning how to work with different groups in a business, through agile development and processes, and is a great experience for when you graduate.

A bit more information


Software licenses we provide you with:

A year-long subscription to Adobe (covered by Course Related Costs).


Equipment you need to bring
You are required to bring your own device. This allows flexibility of study outside of class hours and seamless remote study in the event of another lockdown where classroom facilities are inaccessible. If you do not own your own device, please discuss this with one of our team at enrolment. 

Components of
your device




   Intel Core i5,
or better

   Intel Core i5,
or better


8 GB

16 GB


   256 GB SSD

   512 GD SSD

Screen Resolution

   1280 x 800

    1920 x 1080


Domestic students

*Course Related Cost  - Covers software licensing for student use on campus for the period of 1 year. This amount can be covered by StudyLink's courses related cost loan.

(Eligible for 'fees-free' study)

International students

Year One

  • Tuition Fees: $21,500 (NZD)
  • Course Related Costs: $2,000 (NZD)

Year Two

  • Tuition Fees: $18,275(NZD)
  • Course Related Costs: $2,000 (NZD)

Year Three

  • Tuition Fees: $18,275 (NZD)
  • Course Related Costs: $2,000 (NZD)

For more information, click here to download the international course costs PDF.

Please note fees are subject to change.

Entry Requirements

Domestic Students

NCEA university entrance or equivalent, or successful completion of Level 4 or higher. 

International Students

18 years and over, and IELTS (Academic) of 6.0 (no band lower than 5.5)

International Student Flyer

Why study Digital Innovation at Yoobee?

We're the only institution in New Zealand offering work experiences at some of the world's biggest brands like Meta and Snap! Find out more here and meet some of our students undertaking work experience below.


"It's going to be amazing to say I've had work experience with the social media giant Facebook. How cool!"

Sarah B, 2021 Yoobee student & Facebook extern


"I can't wait to get feedback on my work from industry professionals at Snapchat. It'll definitely help the quality of my work moving forward."

Shay N, 2021 Yoobee student & Snapchat extern


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