Seth McIntyre lands graduate role at RocketWerkz

Wellington Bachelor of Animation graduate, Seth McIntyre, has landed himself the role of Junior World Builder at RocketWerkz!

RocketWerkz is a growing gaming studio based in Auckland, founded by Dean Hall - creator of hit survival game DayZ. They have a focus on deep PC gaming experiences with roles for artists, modelers, environment builders, programmers, devopers and more.

Seth's role involves creating the maps that players traverse across. He says "It's a unique blend between an environment artist and a Level Designer that involves being part of a small team. I'm most excited about creating something that players are going to experience. Also, seeing my name in the credits won't be half bad either!"

We interviewed Seth to gain some insight into his journey in gaming through Yoobee.

Check it out below.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

"I'm from Wellington and have been around computers as soon as I had access to a keyboard. I've continued that trend and am now employed in the tech industry. Growing up, gaming was a bit part of my life whether it was on a console or a PC - it didn't matter. As a result, I am now creating fun and challenging experiences for other gamers and like-minded fans."


Why did you choose to study with us at Yoobee?

"I chose to study at Yoobee because of the wide range of courses on offer. This allowed me to specialise in the areas I was keen to focus on. The friendly atmosphere reaffirmed my decision to study at Yoobee"


How did Yoobee set you up for the future?

"Through the experience and guidance of the tutors, I was able to improve my overall education and understanding of the industry I was about to jump into. I can truly say that I’m proud of the work I’ve accomplished. Because of my dedication to the program, I have a deeper understanding of every aspect of the game design process, from designing my own levels in Unreal Engine and creating simple UI Designs."


What advice would you give aspiring creative students today?

"Go for it! Stay curious, you should always continue to learn new and even old software and technologies. Part of that could involve picking up a qualification to help get you over the line and learn from experts and fellow students. You shouldn’t be afraid to mimic the styles and approaches of people you admire. If you’re looking for inspiration, look everywhere."


Check out Seth's ArtStation here!

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