About Yoobee College of Creative Innovation

You Create the Future

We are Yoobee College of Creative Innovation. Creating the future at the speed of culture, disrupting the norm, imagining the next - making you future ready and industry connected. We’re inspired by creativity that’s inspired by modern culture - in tune with what’s now and what’s next and where true creative innovation can flourish. And this all happens in an environment that’s open and inclusive - a place where you can truly find your creative identity, immersed in a culture you love with a tribe of like-minded people. Yoobee College of Creative Innovation is where you create the future.

The Yoobee Way


Yoobee College of Creative Innovation is committed to developing generation after generation of New Zealand’s leading creative and technical talents. We’ve been doing it for 30 years under various guises and will continue for a long time to come. We believe that it takes time to become an expert, that mentorship is the key to successful work, and that relationships are central to thriving careers.

10,000 hours

Creative and technical talents need time to become experts.

Our focus is on practical training where you get to hone your craft. You won’t spend three years in lectures – instead you’ll spend your time developing skills and producing industry-quality work.


Small class sizes form the backbone of the Yoobee educational model.

We focus on relationships, face-to-face time with tutors and the deep mentorship required to breed top creative and technical talent.

We also focus on providing deep connections with industry, fostering mentorship that will live past your time at Yoobee.

Your Tribe

Creativity is fuelled by connection.

Our focus on smaller class sizes and campuses means you can build the strong relationships needed to fuel your creative and technical careers.

You’ll find your tribe at Yoobee. It’s something we pride ourselves on.

Our History


Yoobee College of Creative Innovation was born out of the combined forces of Animation College, Yoobee School of Design, South Seas Film & Television School and AMES – The Institute of IT.

The rich educational legacies of these schools form the backbone of Yoobee College of Creative Innovation and we are proud of our 30-year history and our incredible alumni now walking Planet Earth.

Student reproduction – Layla Viscu

Animation College

Yoobee College of Creative Innovation has a rich 30-year history dating back to 1989 when Disney animator John Ewing and design studio owner Barry Pearce started training New Zealand-based animators out of their studio, later to become Animation College New Zealand.

Over the years, Animation College has trained some of New Zealand's, and the world's, best animators and VFX artists with top billing credits to their names.

Yoobee School of Design

For the past 20 years, Yoobee School of Design armed creatives with the technical know-how and practical, real-world skills to turn their brilliant ideas into careers.

With campuses in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and online, Yoobee School of Design has operated as New Zealand’s largest specialised digital design school.

South Seas Film & Television School

Founded in 1991 by Gerben Cath using his film production studio facilities on Auckland's North Shore, South Seas Film & Television School has fuelled the film and television industry for 27 years.

Grounded in intensive, practical courses, the school has bred an army of creatives in post-production, directing, script-writing, art and design, animation and VFX, acting and photography.

AMES – The Institute of IT

AMES – The Institute of IT has long been the industry's go-to educational training institution for budding software and hardware engineers.

Offering specialisations in web and software development, hardware engineering and cloud technologies, the teaching staff bring a rich history and depth of knowledge to our Yoobee College of Creative Innovation offering.

Interested in kicking off your career?

Our friendly course advisors can help with everything you need to know including an outline of study options, key information about enrolment, and all our campuses spread around New Zealand.