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What to expect when studying online with Yoobee

Learn new skills and gain qualifications with the flexibility of studying online. Our online courses are designed to provide a joyful learning experience, allowing you to study anywhere, anytime.

How does Yoobee deliver online learning? 

We deliver our learning on a system that’s purpose-built for the modern student. Your tutorials are asynchronous, which means they’re ready to go when you are, and you’ll never miss a beat. You can replay, start and stop whenever it suits you, giving you the true freedom of flexible online study. And, you can easily access your tutorials and complete activities from your phone if you want to listen while you’re out and about.

Will I still learn practical skills? 

Yes, a lot! You’ll develop practical skills with the software(s) and the resources used in your programme.

What are the hours like?

You decide! That also depends on whether you’re studying part-time or full-time. Part-time students will need to allocate an average of 15-hours a week, whereas full-time students will allocate an average of 30-35 hours a week. Some weeks you may allocate more and some less, and that is okay.
Regardless of part-time or full-time study, you have the control to set your own schedule and create a timetable that suits your lifestyle and commitments.

Do I have to study each module in its order?

Yes. It’s important that you complete your programme in the order it’s been laid out. We carefully designed the sequence of your learning so that it builds with each module, and each part is critical to understanding the next.

Are there due dates? 

We like to mirror in-person learning as much as possible, so you will have due dates and deadlines. Your tutors will monitor and check your assessments and activities.

Do I need to be logged on to study at specific times?

You won’t normally have to be online at a specific time. Your course material is available for you from the beginning of each teaching period and you can work through it in the hours that suit you.

There are some live webinar sessions that run approximately once a month. These are a special opportunity for students to sign in at the same time as their tutors, normally before an assessment deadline. It gives you the chance to ask any questions relating to the assignment in real time and hear other student’s questions and thoughts. We understand that students won’t always be able to make these sessions, so they can be replayed the next day.

Will I be studying on my own? 

No way, you’re part of the Yoobee Tribe now! Even though you’re studying online, you’ll be joining lots of other like-minded students who prefer remote learning. You’ll get access to chat forums so you can engage and support one another, peer feedback rounds and even optional group work. We want you to stay connected and never feel isolated.

How do I get help? 

We have a friendly team of subject matter experts who are dedicated to supporting our online students throughout their journey with us. You can always reach out to your tutor for help, or even arrange a 1:1 session for some further practical training. Our team is always there to support you when you need it.

How do I stay on track with my study?

When studying a degree and you are struggling with motivation, time management or simply need help with an assignment or some technical support, you can get in touch with our Learning Support team. 

Yoobee Online also features a dynamic live chat so you can find out who else is online at the same time as you and ask other students questions. There is also a discussion board where you can post questions that will be answered by a pool of industry trained tutors, waiting to help you.

What will be in my Welcome Pack?

There will be Tutor information, including their contact details and the hours you can reach them. Your welcome pack will also provide you with academic requirements such as deadlines and assessment dates and your login details. There are also extra bits like a “how to” guide, your student handbook and information about StudyLink.

Is an online qualification a real qualification?

Yes, students of Yoobee Online graduate with the exact same qualification as a student at Yoobee Colleges on-campus.

Not only does your graduation certificate look exactly the same, your coursework will cover all the same topics – we just transpose the information and assessment tasks so that they are perfectly suited to an online classroom.

Will I receive the same qualification as an on-campus student?

When students graduate from our courses, they will receive the same accredited qualification as a Yoobee Colleges on-campus student. The graduation certificate awarded will also be the same. 

Our courses and learning outcomes are the same as Yoobee Colleges’, but we adapt the material and its delivery to enable students to enjoy the most engaging online environment.

What equipment do I need?

Every course is different and so is the software and tool requirements for each one. We will send you an informative Welcome Pack that will provide all you need to know. Our Student Recruitment Advisors can provide you with more details if you need.

Can I still apply for a student loan?

Yes, you can apply for a Student Loan with StudyLink. Click on the link for more information

What is the TTAF and how do I know if my programme is covered by it?

(Domestic students only)
The Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) supports our tech-minded learners to undertake vocational education and training without fees. Check our website to see if the course you’re interested in is covered by TTAF, or contact us on 0800 66 55 44 to ask one of our team.

What’s my next step?

We’d love to have you join Yoobee and to play a part in your future success. Complete your application and we’ll be in touch shortly to help you finalise your enrolment.

Interested in studying online?

Our friendly course advisors can help with everything you need to know, including an outline of study options and key information about studying online.

From 11:59pm on 2 December, New Zealand will move to the COVID-19 Protection Framework. This means onsite learning will resume for all courses in all locations throughout New Zealand. If you have any questions, contact your tutor. For regular Alert Level updates, visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website.