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February intake now open.

Cloud Engineers are in high demand as more services shift to the cloud.

As more and more of the world’s data and services move to being cloud based, there is a growing demand for qualified people in the area. As a Cloud Engineer it’s your role to build, maintain, and link to cloud services. And to succeed you’ll need a mix of technical skills, business knowledge, and experience.

Our Cloud Engineer pathway will see you build your knowledge of network infrastructure and security over two and a half years, preparing you to tackle complex cloud-based projects in the real world.

“I chose Yoobee to update my knowledge of cloud-based applications. I realised technology is moving towards this and wanted to start my career in IT, with a better understanding of the cloud industry.”

- Gorgoon Jeravongaram, IT Support at Airedale Property Trust

“I loved learning the newest trends and technologies. Cloud is where the IT industry is heading”.

- Amir Saeed Arefi, IT Systems Support Engineer

“I learnt a lot about how Private Cloud interacts with companies, and how to use and configure services that are installed on servers, desktops and mobile devices. The Level 7 equipped me with the next level of knowledge and expertise to climb up through the ranks in the IT industry."

- Joe Pearson, IT Technician at New Era IT

  • Our classrooms bridge learning with real world issues, so you’ll learn to trouble shoot solutions for problems you’ll encounter in the real world
  • Keep pace with industry leaders, CompTIA and Microsoft
  • Class sizes are small so you get great support from your tutors
  • We provide a dedicated server environment in the classroom
  • We have a dedicated Cloud Engineering Pathway:
    • Start your technical journey with the hands-on Certificate in Information Technology and Client Support Level 5. This short, sharp programme will give you a jump start into the fundamentals of computer technology, installation, and configuration
    • Then move to our Diploma in Systems Administration Level 6 to develop your server administrator skills. We teach you the thinking required for an ICT environment, as well as real skills instead of just theory
    • Complete your journey with our Diploma in Cloud Engineering Level 7 and learn the latest in cloud technology
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  • 5


Gain the skills to become an entry-level IT helpdesk technician or start our Cloud Engineering pathway.

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  • 6


Build on the skills learned at Level 5 by furthering your IT management and troubleshooting skills.

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  • 7


Design and build a scalable and reliable cloud-based solution that will test your skills and build your knowledge of network infrastructure and security.

We’re enrolling now for our February intake. If you want more information fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

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