Meet Siriah - Double Diploma student lands graduate role at Ocean Design

Siriah Steele studied the Diploma in Game Art & Development and the Diploma in Creative Digital Design at the Yoobee Colleges Wellington Campus. Being at Yoobee shaped how she is to this day - bringing out her confidence in creativity and challenging her design thinking. 

Recently, she landed herself a role as a Junior Design intern at Wellington-based branding agency, Ocean Design. We had a chat to Siriah about her journey in the creative industry, the stepping stones she took to get to where she is now, and her advice to aspiring creatives out there.

Check it out below.

"Strive to make mistakes and learn from them, for this is the only way for us to grow."

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I come from lots of places in New Zealand — specifically on the West Coast. I was born in New Plymouth and lived there until my family and I moved to Whanganui when I was 10, then eventually made it to Wellington when I turned 18. 

I am a very passionate individual and an outlet for me is being creative. Growing up I was obsessed with different forms of media from TV shows, movies and the king of them all — video games. Without video games in my life, I would never have gone to Yoobee!

Why did you choose to study with us at Yoobee?

I was very conflicted in my first year of study; from juggling a new transition from teenage-hood to adult-hood, while also starting my tertiary studies at Massey for the first time. It was all a bit too overwhelming. After finishing my first year, I decided to leave and wanted to pursue my dream of making video games, which is where i stumbled into Yoobee!

How did Yoobee Colleges set you up for the future?

Without Yoobee I wouldn't be the confident creative I am to this day. I owe a lot of my skillset and knowledge to all of the amazingly talented and wise tutors at Yoobee, especially my Creative Digital Design tutor, Candice Phelps. Without her teachings I don't think I would be the designer I am today, and so with all of my heart I am thankful and have a lot of gratitude for the tutors at Yoobee.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives today?

I believe as creatives we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create the 'perfect' piece. I challenge those who think this way to change this perspective. We find uniqueness and soul in the imperfections in our work. Strive to make mistakes and learn from them, for this is the only way for us to grow. And lastly, have FUN! Don't lose sight of why you chose to take this creative journey in the first place, channel that first excitement as much as you can!

Tell us about your internship.

After transitioning to Victoria to finish my design degree, I was very lucky to be chosen for the Graduate programme at Ocean Design — a branding agency situated in the heart of Wellington. Alongside five other gradates, I am a Junior Design intern. We are working in the industry with a client, within a studio space and alongside such an amazing and wise team. This is the opportunity I've been wanting to really stretch my designer legs and grow the courage to step into the next chapter of my life and master the skills I have grown over the years...and to stay away from pink, blue and oranges in my colour palettes!


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Instagram: @siriah.rae  LinkedIn: Siriah Steele  Behance: Siriah Rae

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